Red Rising An Enjoyable Sci-Fi War Book

For people who are enamored with sci-fi, killing, and war tactics, you’ll enjoy Red Rising. To my surprise, I am such a person as I blitzed through the second half in about 2 days.

I almost abandoned the book about about 20% into it. I wasn’t that connected to the main character and author Pierce Brown had just written a ridiculous line implying how capitalism caused the universe to go bad (Side note: this was completely unnecessary for the plot, and the author, like many authors had an  uncontrollable urge to drop scornful views on free markets even though it has nothing to do with the story). Online reviews convinced me to push forward. Fortunately the author didn’t make any future economic oppressive suggestions, and it picked up into an enjoyable story.

The author devises some unpredictable strategies and ways to unravel some difficult situations. I still never really felt that strong of a connection to the main character, but the story was dark and engaging.

This was part one of a three part series. I’m sure I’ll read parts 2 and 3 (Golden Son and Morning Star) soon. Readers have rightfully drawn comparisons to The Hunger Games series. I haven’t read that series, but it’s similar to the first two movies I saw of it.

So for the war enthusiasts like myself, you’ll enjoy this book. If blood, war, death aren’t your thing, this is not a book for you.


We Are Legion (We Are Bob) A Fun Sci-Fi Book With Good Things To Come

I don’t read much fiction, but I heard We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis E. Tayor was pretty good. I enjoyed reading it, but this book is only for tech nerds, most likely men. Lots of Star Trek and Sci-Fi references. There’s a couple interesting scenarios that I’ll not discuss for spoiler purposes, but I was pretty well entertained. It’s a healthy mix of comedy, action, and drama.

My only major complaint was the author’s choice to pick the Catholic Church as an antagonist of the future. What are the odds of the Catholic Church, or any Christian Church, even TRYING to take over America in the next 100 years? Slim to none! It’s both boring and unrealistic to pick the irrelevant One True Faith as the villain of the 21st century.

Other than that, I really did enjoy the entire book.

As a side note, the Audible version was VERY well performed by Ray Porter. I may look for other narratives by him. Various characters including Homer Simpson and Admiral Ackbar were performed quite masterfully.

If you’re a tech guy, you’ll probably enjoy this. This also appears to be part 1 of 3.