As A Man Thinketh Is Good For Readeth Something Short

I’d heard from multiple sources that As A Man Thinketh was an amazing book. I recently read it in a shameful effort to complete three books in 2 days (it’s pretty short). I think it may have been amazing for it’s time, but I didn’t really overwhelm me. Overall the message is “be a good person” and “you are what your thoughts manifest.” I noticed some similarity with Alan Watts philosophy, but definitely not the same message.

I thought the author disregarded the element of chance in life, and downplayed the positives of suffering (good people don’t suffer?). However, I did like the positive thought message, especially how it transcended to a healthy life. Plus the robust message that failure is the advancement towards mastery.

This is a short book, and apparently a popular one, so if you have nothing else to read, or want to set a personal record of number of books completed in two days, go get this one.

Powerball Lotto Hoopla

Best Lotto interview, ever. See below. Only need to watch from 30 seconds 1:06 into it. For what it’s worth, playing this particular lotto is a tremendously bad game. For an illustration of how remote your odds are of winning, you must get a point in time down to the second over a span of time greater than 10 years. Additionally, the % return is incredibly poor, it’d be like betting on the even money while only getting to cover 38% of the board in roulette.

One would be far better off pooling their money with other lotto junkies and trying a martingale strategy or some plan to win 10 hands of baccarat by doubling up winnings trying to achieve $10 million (honestly would you bet a life of 10 million dollars to gain one of 600 million?? — I wouldn’t).

Also what some “smarter” people are failing to include in their calculation is that odds of being the ONLY winner, versus sharing it with 2 to 4 other people is incredibly low given how many people are currently playing

Anyway, fun video…

FOLLOWUP: Three people one it. All too easy to predict.