About Me

This is just a dump of some articles I’ve written or posts I’ve made. Some are interesting, some aren’t.

Interests of mine that are likely to appear in posts:

  • Tech. I work for a very large IT firm, and in general love technology. One of my favorite questions to ask someone is, “What’s your favorite app on your phone?” Hard not to judge someone if they give a really lame answer.
  • Books. As mentioned, I travel a lot so I rip through audiobooks pretty frequently. I also post these on my Goodreads Page.
  • Coding. VBA, Swift, ABAB, JS…. I am highly proficient in some of these, others I’m just learning.
  • Excel. I work with a hybrid of an SAP Product (BPC) which operates on Excel, so I have a have a pretty strong knowledge of this product, even though it’s not as interesting as coding.
  • Dad Life. I have young kids. I enjoy reading interesting things about how to improve parenting. Some of these I may share.
  • Fitness & Health. I believe that physical well being is critical to maintaining a mental well being.  Men in particular men in their 30’s and 40’s seem to lose site of this. I’ve gone from really good shape, to very out of shape, to being pretty fit again in my late 30’s.
  • Laws and Government. I see a lot of “poorly written code” in government today yielding undesirable results. Big fan of Reason and FEE.
  • Currencies & Encryption. Just topics that fascinate me. This blog’s name is inspired by the revolutionary encryption method, PGP.
  • Cat Videos… are funny, but not on my website.

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