Indoor Excercise & Kids’ First Impression of Michael Jackson

For me the biggest parenting challenge on rainy days is getting the kids to get some activity to burn up some energy. If they don’t they get hyper, don’t sleep as well etc. Thus today, while it poured outside, I tried to get my kids to have a “dance party.” I have some go-to songs listed below, but I thought it was time to introduce them to Michael Jackson. I turned on one my favorite videos of his, Smooth Criminal. I explained to my kids that this was one of the best singer/dancers of my generation.

When The King of Pop first shows his face, my three year old daughter immediately yells, “is that a girl?!?”

My five year old son eventually said, “I can dance better than him,” then managed to simultaneously prove this statement completely false as well as being of my genetic lineage.

Good songs I’ve found for getting my kids to burn energy while dancing or staying indoors:

Other indoor entertainment songs for more specific scenarios like fighting off Communist invaders or just waking up.

What am I missing?

The Way of the Superior Man Review

I heard The Way of the Superior Man was a “must read” from several sources. After finishing it, I did think it was good, but fell a little short of the pedestal it had been placed upon.

It did a good job of articulating a lot of things that men know, but we aren’t exactly sure why. An example would be, “don’t be incredibly needy around or offer too much flattery. Have a purpose, be confident, etc.” Most of my generation probably only learned this when watching Vince Vaughn deliver invaluable man advice in the film Swingers!

My biggest takeaway was the author’s perception of the masculine and feminine roles in a relationship. I agreed with his belief that men are at their best when fulfilling their deepest purpose of consciousness — working out, solving a problem, developing a business, getting things done! Ironically he identified a common purpose as “spreading freedom” which I of course felt a special appreciation for.

He took it a step further by noting that the underlying theme of these objectives is men seek to clear things ultimately enjoying moments of true emptiness. He gives all kinds of examples from football to sex. I’d never considered my instincts that way, but I think there is some truth to The Wolf of Wall Street film online now

His perception of the feminine role which he equated to “light” was more abstract (shocking). He describes how women go around and doing unpredictable things that men shouldn’t even try to understand. He gives good examples of how women may test their men’s deepest purpose and how in reality they do not truly want to be their partner’s “everything”.

Another good takeaway for me was his analysis of the the disconnect in communication. Of course there’s lots of books on this topic, but he did a good job using perception of time as a good constant that often results in improper messaging.

My biggest complaint was that a lot of the writing was not sourced or just listed as fact with no reference. Example (I’m paraphrasing), “You should call your woman vile names in bed… she’ll like it if you mean it in a loving way!” Seems like this statement, which isn’t even some of the more controversial ideas he proposes on intimacy, should have a little more data to support it besides the author just saying so.

However by and large I would recommend it to married men, men about to get married, or even men who are thinking of leaving a marriage.