Insights On One of My Stronger Races

Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon & 1/2 Marathon was a fun morning (as always). I ran a strong 12 miles. Unfortunately the race was 13.1 miles. I was flirting with sub 80 minutes until the last mile, when the wheels fell off (splits below). Finished in 1:20:37. While I’ve run much faster in earlier years, this is probably my most formidable running effort¬†since becoming a dad in 2011.

Two things I’d attribute the better performance¬†to…

1) Hill inclines. Due to time constraints with travel, work, and kids I usually have to settle for short workouts, often at a hotel. I’m not a fan of treadmills, but putting the incline at 10% and going hard for just 30 minutes gets a good strength workout in while still improving cardio.

2) I’ve reduced my alcohol consumption considerably in 2016. I think this has dramatically improved the quality of my workouts as well as my sleep patterns which has led to overall improvement in my fitness — I’m pretty light these days but haven’t sacrificed much strength in the process. Alcohol taxes the body as aggressively as most narcotics, so removing that from the equation seems a likely factor for improvement over previous years.

Distance Mile Split Total Time
1 Mile 0:06:04 0:06:04
2 Mile 0:05:59 0:12:03
3 Mile 0:06:16 0:18:20
4 Mile 0:06:09 0:24:29
5 Mile 0:06:08 0:30:38
6 Mile Unknown
10k 0:38:06
7 Mile 0:42:56
8 Mile 0:05:57 0:48:54
9 Mile 0:06:02 0:54:56
10 Mile 0:06:13 1:01:10
11 Mile 0:06:10 1:07:20
12 Mile 0:05:46 1:13:06
13 Mile 0:06:44 1:19:51
0.11 Mile 0:00:46 1:20:37