Technical Considerations When Naming Your Kids

I’m closing in on having another child and haven’t determined a name yet. A couple considerations that I think people should consider, particularly if your children ever up working in I.T.

1) Don’t do a name which is frequently abbreviated. Examples are Steven, David, Kimberly etc.

This has been a recurring headache in my life, particularly working in I.T. Email addresses, logins, account names are difficult when the legal first name is ambigious. This extends beyond IT, such as memberships. Every time I go to the zoo, I seem to forget my pass, so I have to have them lookup my membership based on my ID. They can never find me because my first name is entered differently than my driver’s license.

2) Don’t do a name which is commonly spelled two ways. Sarah/Sara. 

Same as problem as 1. When people want to email, or when looking up your records, user error is frequent. oh wait… sorry it’s Sara.Conner@yourcompany…

3) Don’t have spaces, hyphens, or apostrophe names. 

Obvious reasons, plus I think unusual punctuation might create some employment roadblocks. I’m guessing most Americans might have either conscious or unconscious preference to a resume with the name “Susan Smith” instead of “Osama bin Smith”.

4) Don’t pick a name that ends with an “S” Glynnis, James, Francis

Creates a punctuation issue that confuses people. Glynnis’s house is grammatically correct, but often people will incorrectly type Glynnis’ house. It makes life difficult and potentially confusing for foreigners or translation tools.

5) If your last name is Rider, don’t name your kid, Colt, Porsche, or Dick.

One of these names is my father, and if you think that’s bad, imagine going through middle school with his name posted all over town encouraging people to vote for him in a coming election. Yeah, my brother and I have been in a fight or two…