Sebastian Junger’s Book WAR is Great

I received Sebastian Junger’s book War as a wedding present many years ago and read it immediately. The author is quite an interesting guy, seeming intent on running towards the world’s chaos. While writing this book, he helped film the documentary Restropo, which is definitely worth watching. Junger’s partner in the documentary Tim Hetherington, was killed in Libya during the Arab Spring a few years later.

What I enjoyed most of this book was its apolitical nature. The author seeks to find that primal bond in men as the fight an enemy.

The author is a former competitive distance runner, and I see some of a distance runner’s analytics in his writing. It’s interesting as he runs around with the platoon that he doesn’t slow them down, despite being significantly older and not in military shape.

A good book no doubt. Apparently his new book TRIBE is also quite exceptional. I look forward to reading that soon.